Ontogenesis Network Meeting

by Alistair Miles

The first meeting of the Ontogenesis Network was held 30/31 October in Manchester. The theme of the meeting was “the Informal Meets Formal” .. an exploration of issues connecting less formal types of controlled vocabularies and knowledge organisation/elicitation tools with more formal ontologies grounded in e.g. description logics.

I presented “Gardens of Meaning” – a metaphor for the creation and evolution of controlled vocabularies. I’m very concerned with designing work flow models that minimise the overall costs of vocabulary development and maintenance, especially the costs associated with maintaining dependencies between controlled vocabularies and metadata. This metaphor is a first tentative step in that direction, I hope.

The meeting was excellent, many interesting presentations, unfortunately the web content is poor if you want more information. The Ontogenesis Network home page is a bit out of date, but has some basic information about the context of the network itself. The Ontogenesis Network wiki has more up to date info, including a page for the recent network meeting (including a programme of speakers). There is also the Ontogenesis Network blog, although this doesn’t have much content at the moment.