Alistair Miles

Month: February, 2007

The Devil is in the Detail

I find something new in the RDF Semantics every time I read it …

“… it is possible to write RDF graphs which assert the existence of highly peculiar objects … with forked … tails, or multiple heads:

_:666 rdf:first  .
_:666 rdf:first  .
_:666 rdf:rest  .
_:666 rdf:rest rdf:nil .


New SKOS Web Site

I should have mentioned earlier … the SWDWG rolled out a new and improved SKOS web site a couple of weeks ago. We reorganised the web site a bit to make it easier to navigate, and also hopefully to provide a higher profile for the community areas such as the data zone, the tool shed and the mailing list.

Formal Specification of RDF Concepts

I had a go at rewriting the RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax as a formal specification using the Z notation, to try out the CZT editing, type checking and format conversion tools. The files I’ve produced so far are linked below:

I wrote the specification in plain text UTF-8 format, using the jEdit plugin from CZT. I then used the CZT tools to convert to latex format, which I had to edit a bit before I could get to a nice looking PDF. I haven’t tried to get to HTML yet, I’m saving that for a rainy day 🙂