Alistair Miles

Month: May, 2007

Trac Moin Python Postgresql Apache Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation and Dependency Hell

I’ve recently been helping out on a software development project in my department. I decided to try out Trac – a software project management tool – to see if it could help us manage the development process. So I downloaded the latest stable release (0.10.4), and set about installing it on a server. This is what happened next…

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Gardens of Meaning … or why the Semantic Web is for Vulcans

I gave a presentation entitled Gardens of Meaning … or why the Semantic Web is for Vulcans to the Oxfordshire Semantic Web Interest Group this week. The presentation works towards the motivation behind the Gardens of Meaning metaphor, via an informal and somewhat ironic poke at some of the hype associated with the Semantic Web vision. The joke is that the Semantic Web depends on people being able to share their “conceptualisations” with each other, and then express those conceptualisations formally using an ontology language, neither of which is easy … if only we were Vulcans, we could mind meld and, of course, we would have dedicated our lives to pure logic.