RDA: Resource Description and Access

by Alistair Miles

This week I attended a meeting at the British Library, concerning a replacement for the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules. The replacement under development is called “RDA: Resource Description and Access”. The meeting was set up to explore the links between RDA, DCMI‘s metadata standards and the Semantic Web technology stack, in order to better meet requirements for discovery and access to library resources in a networked environment. More details of the meeting can be found at the meeting wiki page.

The meeting was between members of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (Diane Hillman, Tom Baker, Andy Powell, Mikael Nilsson), representatives of the JSC (Barbara Tillet, Gordon Dunsire, Robina Clayphan), and the editor of the RDA (Tom Delsey). I was asked to attend because of my work with Semantic Web, metadata and library communities, and gave a short presentation on SKOS.

The main outcome of the meeting was a proposal to jointly develop a new Dublin Core Application Profile for libraries, based on the RDA and on FRBR. The profile would also be closely linked to the ePrints application profile developed in the UK for Intute. The ePrints AP is an example of how the Dublin Core community is moving beyond the “15 elements” towards providing a general framework to support rich and highly structured metadata, via the Dublin Core Abstract Model [latest draft].