“Vocabularies” Tutorial for DC-2007 — Preview

Here’s a preview of the tutorial on “vocabularies” I’m giving next week at the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications:

The link will always give you the latest version – I may do some minor edits before next week.

The scope of the tutorial is restricted to controlled structured vocabularies for retrieval. I’ve tried to cover some basic topics, such as a simple common model for different vocabulary types, the business context for vocabularies, and the use and re-use of vocabularies in a networked environment (i.e. on the Web).

I’ve also tried to go beyond previous tutorials at the Dublin Core conference, and address the use of controlled structured vocabularies in retrieval systems, including the use of vocabulary mappings to implement retrieval across heterogeneous metadata.

There are also files in open office and powerpoint files, which can all be downloaded from:

Feel free to re-use slides or diagrams with attribution.