Presentation at the Library of Congress: Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) in the context of Semantic Web Deployment

by Alistair Miles

I gave a presentation on SKOS and Semantic Web Deployment last week at the Library of Congress. Here’s the blurb..

Links are valuable. Links between documents, between people, between ideas, between data. Data is now a first class Web citizen, and the Web is expanding as more of these valuable networks are deployed within its fabric. Well-established knowledge organization systems like the Library of Congress Subject Headings will play a major role within these networks, as hubs, connecting people with information and providing a firm foundation for network growth as many new routes to the discovery of information emerge through the collective action of individuals. Or will they?

This talk introduces the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS), a soon-to-be-completed W3C standard for publishing thesauri, classification schemes and subject headings as linked data in the Web. This talk also presents SKOS in the context of the W3C’s Semantic Web Activity, and in particular the work of the W3C’s Semantic Web Deployment Working Group where other specifications are being developed for publishing linked data in the Web, for embedding linked data in Web pages, and for managing Semantic Web vocabularies. Finally, this talk takes a mildly inquisitive look at the value propositions for linked data in the Web, and how LCSH might be deployed in the Web for better information discovery.