Alistair Miles

Category: logic

Issues in Ontology Development and Use

Yesterday I presented the paper on “Collaboration in the Value Grid for Semantic Technologies” at the workshop on “Issues in Ontology Development and Use” [download the presentation].

The workshop was part of the UK e-Science All Hands Conference, and the programme for the workshop can be found within the full conference programme, including links to all presented papers.

Other highlights were Ure et al.’s paper on “A Socio-technical Perspective on Ontology Development in HealthGrids“, Gacitua et al.’s paper on the “Ontology Acquisition Process: A Framework for Experimenting with different NLP Techniques”, and Lin et al.’s paper on “Ontology Building as Practical Work: Lessons from CSCW“.

Gardens of Meaning … or why the Semantic Web is for Vulcans

I gave a presentation entitled Gardens of Meaning … or why the Semantic Web is for Vulcans to the Oxfordshire Semantic Web Interest Group this week. The presentation works towards the motivation behind the Gardens of Meaning metaphor, via an informal and somewhat ironic poke at some of the hype associated with the Semantic Web vision. The joke is that the Semantic Web depends on people being able to share their “conceptualisations” with each other, and then express those conceptualisations formally using an ontology language, neither of which is easy … if only we were Vulcans, we could mind meld and, of course, we would have dedicated our lives to pure logic.