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RDFOO – Convert RDF Graphs into JSON Objects

I’ve written a small Java utility for converting any node in an RDF graph into a JSON object. You can download RDFOO 0.1 alpha or alternatively go to the RDFOO web page which has links to more documentation.

RDFOO is (more or less) an implementation of JDIL, using Jena and the Java classes for JSON from Given a resource in an RDF graph, RDFOO by default performs a shallow mapping to a JSON object, capturing only literal value properties. RDFOO can also be told to follow specific properties to a given (or unlimited) depth, to capture nested objects, and handles circular references.

If you find any bugs or have any comments I’d love to hear from you. I think the implementation is sensible, and it passes a reasonably complete test case, but then I’m no Java guru – you have been warned 🙂

Trac Moin Python Postgresql Apache Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation and Dependency Hell

I’ve recently been helping out on a software development project in my department. I decided to try out Trac – a software project management tool – to see if it could help us manage the development process. So I downloaded the latest stable release (0.10.4), and set about installing it on a server. This is what happened next…

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“Peek-a-boo” CSS Bug in IE6

In the process of rewriting the theme I use for this website, I ran across a bug in IE6 known as the “peek-a-boo” bug – where some parts of a page misteriously disappear when viewed in IE6, but then reappear when you switch between windows or select an area with the mouse. I found a web page describing the cause of the peekaboo bug and some fixes, although I found the bug persisted even after I had removed all float directives from the CSS file. Declaring position:relative or position:absolute for the problematic block fixed the problem.