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Internet Explorer AJAX Gotcha: “Object Required” Error

I came across this AJAX gotcha in IE yesterday … when I ran my brand new AJAX application in Internet Explorer 6.0 on my own computer, it worked fine, but when others ran it on their computers using the same version of IE, they got an “Object Required” javascript error.

I discovered (eventually) that, if the response to the XML HTTP request does not have Content-Type “text/xml”, then MSXML does not instantiate the responseXML member of the XMLHTTPRequest object, although it will instantiate the responseText member – see the MSXML2 API spec. Once I had fixed the server-side code to return the correct Content-Type, it worked. As an item of good-practice, you should probably include an “Accept: text/xml” header in the request, to be on the safe side.

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Managing Bibliographies

I’ve set up several bibliographies to help me manage citable references, see my bibliographies. I’m currently managing the references as files in the BibTex format, then converting them to XML via a customized version of the bibtex2xml python script from the BibTeXML project (my version of the script has only minor modifications), and finally using a customized XSL stylesheet to get an HTML view in browsers (my stylesheet is loosely based on the BibTeXML stylesheets, adapted for the W3C citation style).